We all need a little TLC to feel great and so do your blooms! Here are a few tips to help your flowers look their best and extend their vase life.

First Steps

  1. Upon receiving your arrangement: unwrap and use a sharp knife or sheers to cut 1/2″ off the bottom of all stems (cut at 45 degree angle)*
  2. Fill vase 3/4 of the way with room temperature water
  3. Empty entire flower nutrient pack into water and stir until fully dissolved
  4. Place flowers in vase and voila! Your beautiful arrangement is ready to get its photo taken 😉
    *skip this step if you ordered your blooms in a vase

Preserving flowers

  • Keep away from direct sunlight, flowers do best in shady, cooler climates
  • Change water out every day
  • Gently peel off any petals / leaves that have wilted
  • Remove any stems from arrangement that have lived past due